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Canada Invites Express Entry and PNP Applicants

24 August 2023 | Category

Canada Invites Over 16,000 Express Entry and PNP Applicants in July 2023 Imagine Canada as a place that’s excited to welcome new people who want to live there. Well, in July 2023, Canada did something big – they invited more than 16,000 people to come live there permanently! Canada’s commitment to facilitating immigration for skilled individuals reached new heights in July 2023, as the nation extended over 16,000 invitations to prospective immigrants for permanent residency. This rise in Invitations to Apply (ITAs) echoed across various immigration programs, prominently featuring the […]


26 July 2023 | Category

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW- PART 1   1. Can you immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia?   Canada, with its new immigration policies, is inviting immigrants on a large scale from across the world. Citizens of Saudi Arabia can now easily migrate to Canada and grab that opportunity for a better life under better economic opportunities. In Canada, you can find all the elements like political stability, a thriving economy, a fully developed healthcare system, and an education system that beats the world standard. Canada has trading relations with […]

Canada welcoming 1.5 million immigrants by 2025

15 May 2023 | Canada, Immigration

If you are dreaming, dream big! If you want to take that leap and land in a dreamland, here comes Canada offering you the jackpot. The decision has been made; 500,000 immigrants each year adding up to 1.5 million by the year 2025. Canada is a unique place where there is an emphasis on economic immigration. Half of the Canadian immigrants are welcomed based on their skills and not on family reunification, and the federal government is determined to make it 60 percent. Canada not only showcases the best quality […]

ICCRC Certified Immigration Agent In Saudi Arabia

24 March 2023 | Category

  Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for immigration due to its strong economy, excellent quality of life, and welcoming immigration policies. Among the most popular immigration programs in Canada are the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which offer a pathway to permanent residency for skilled workers from around the world. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has recently introduced a new application tracker for Express Entry and PNP candidates, which makes it easier than ever to check the status of your application. Express Entry […]

Pearson English Test Recognized by the IRCC for Canadian Immigration

16 February 2023 | Category

Canada is dedicated to embracing immigrants from every corner of the globe. In order to guarantee that the country’s immigration system caters to the requirements of a diverse community, demonstrating proficiency in the English language is a crucial aspect of the immigration application process. The Immigration and Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently declared that they have approved the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic as a legitimate assessment of English language abilities for Canadian immigration applicants. Starting in “late 2023,” the Pearson Test of English (PTE) will become one of […]

How Can an Immigration Consultant Increase Your Chances of Success in the Canadian Immigration Process

30 January 2023 | Category

Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada, but the process seems overwhelming? That’s where immigration consultants come in. The immigration system can be complex and confusing, but working with a qualified immigration consultant can greatly increase your chances of success. As immigration consultants, we know first-hand how valuable this type of assistance can be for both individuals and families looking to move to Canada. We will share how an immigration consultant can make your journey smoother and increase your chances of success in the Canadian immigration process. An immigration consultant […]

Australia – Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

17 December 2022 | Australia, Category

The Federal Government continues to have ultimate authority over Australia’s immigration policy, including decisions on visa applications as well as the distribution of open positions within program streams. A restricted number of posts for its state and territory-nominated skilled, business innovation, and investor visa subclasses are provided by the federal government to the NSW government. Due to the Department of Home Affairs’ enhanced availability of the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189), previously published point totals and work experience guides for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) have been withdrawn. Skilled […]

NOC Changes and New TEER System 2022

15 November 2022 | Category

Canada is all set to implement a new National Occupation Classification and a new TEER (Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities) system. In 2022, they will all be introduced at once. There have been many discussions about the changes to these, but there are advantages and disadvantages. Many people are against these changes, but here we will give you an unbiased view of them.   Switching to the New National Occupation Classification (NOC) The Government of Canada has announced that to keep Canada’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) up to date and […]

Australia Immigration News and Updates

29 October 2022 | Category

When it comes to immigration, we all have a lot of questions – for example, is Australian immigration different from other types of immigration? What does your citizenship status have to do with your eligibility for Australian immigration? What are some common misconceptions about Australian immigration? If you are wondering where you can find reliable information on these topics, you’ve come to the right place! Trying to keep up with Australian immigration news and updates can be a full-time job. The Immigration Department is constantly changing the rules and regulations, […]

Why Choose ‘MilkyWay’ for your Immigration needs?

22 September 2022 | Category

Nobody likes to deal with the tedious paperwork, interviews, visa processing, and other legal procedures when it comes to something as important as immigration. Immigration consultants are experts in doing these processes in a professionally acceptable manner. Let’s find out why ‘MilkyWay‘ should be your first choice when it comes to immigration services. Although many immigration consultants are trustworthy, it is undeniable that a high level of fraud exists in the industry. MilkyWay is an Immigration Consultant and Law Firm based in Australia, Canada, and Saudi Arabia with a decade […]


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