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28 July 2022 | Canada

Canada offers a great possibility for students to pursue their studies throughout their provincial areas. Canada is one of the best destinations for study and research. Canada accommodates a large number of students each year from all over the globe.
Canadian universities offer a globally recognized world-class education, while research has been deemed one of the most important elements of any graduate degree. The universities aid students who have the top research ideas. Scholarships are given based on research done. There are other advantages of studying in Canada:


  • Affordable Education
  • Research opportunities that are innovative and abundant
  • Possibilities for Immigration
  • Awe-inspiring Campus Lifestyle
  • Healthy and Safe Communities
  • Opportunities to work and intern for students from abroad while they pursue their studies.

Top courses

  • MBA

You will generally require the following to apply for a Canadian student visa

  • Original passport and copy
  • Original school certificates
  • Original diploma/degree/masters’ certificate
  • Original mark list of diploma/ degree/ masters Individual mark list is mandatory.
  • Other certificates relevant to your chosen program
  • Original transcript certificate(if applicable)
  • Original council registration certificate
  • Original IELTS certificate
  • The original document of all experiences certificate and supporting documents like offer letter, relieving letter, pay slips, appraisal letter, etc.
  • Gap explanation (if you have any academic or experience gap for more than six months should provide clarification with adequate evidence)
  • Copy of letter of acceptance from college
  • Copy of payment receipt from college for 1st-year tuition fee. Please make the 1st year tuition fee payment in order to submit your file under the SDS category
  • GIC certificate from any bank by transferring 1st year living cost.
  • Embassy visa
  • Photos
  • Medical proof
  • Study plan
  • Finance supporting documents
  • Ensure to carry a police clearance certificate while travelling to Canada.

Steps to be followed:

Explore What Options Are Available:
Before you choose the schools, make a decision on what you wish to study, the location you would like to reside, and the overall cost, as well as other possibilities, etc.

Step 2:
Select University:
Select the institutions (around 10) and study programs that will meet your needs and the locations you’d like to apply to.

Step 3:
Preparing for entrance exams:
Preparation for standardized tests such as TOEFL/GRE/IELTS/GMAT/IELTS. Following the requirements of colleges and universities. Apply for these tests early. When applying for these tests, you should plan the required time in case you have to take the test. It is recommended that you pass these tests before September in the year you want to apply.

Step 4:
Financing Your Studies:
Make sure you have enough funds for the entire time in Canada, together with accommodation, travel to local food, and costs. Choose how you’ll fund your studies: savings for yourself or education loans, assistantships, or student scholarships.

Step 5:
Apply to universities:
Contact each university directly to find the admission conditions. Each school has their own admissions requirements. Fill out the application before deadlines and submit them in time.

Step 6
Verify admission:
When you have received an acceptance letter from each of the universities you applied to, you must select the school you’d like to attend. Next, you must make an amount that
is non-refundable to the school to confirm your acceptance to study in Canada.

Step 7:
Apply for a Student Visa:
After you have received your admission confirmation, you can apply for a student visa.

For any inquiries regarding Canada Student Visa, reach out to MilkyWay Immigration Consultants in Saudi Arabia.


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