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Canada: Small step, Giant leap. Welcoming 1.5 million immigrants by 2025

Canada: Small step, Giant leap. Welcoming 1.5 million immigrants by 2025

15 May 2023 | Canada, Immigration

If you are dreaming, dream big!
If you want to take that leap and land in a dreamland, here comes Canada offering you the jackpot. The decision has been made; 500,000 immigrants each year adding up to 1.5 million by the year 2025.
Canada is a unique place where there is an emphasis on economic immigration. Half of the Canadian immigrants are welcomed based on their skills and not on family reunification, and the federal government is determined to make it 60 percent.
Canada not only showcases the best quality of life but a strong economy and welcoming immigration policies.
It is the Canadian approach to fill the gap in their economy. As the baby boom generation is falling into old age, leaving a vacuum in the economy that can only be covered by bringing in skilled immigrants to the country. Thus, the federal government announced this aggressive plan that was unveiled by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.
They plan to fill the 1 million vacant jobs sitting across various sectors in Canada expected to lead to drastic growth.
With this decision, Canada will be bringing in 8 times more immigrants than the UK and 4 times more than the US.
Though there is also an anti-immigrant wave running through Canadian citizens, the government is standing strong on its decision.
To keep the population and economy growing, Canada has invited many permanent residents who are not citizens but can stay indefinitely. This is mainly due to the aging population and lower birth rate. Immigration is the reason for workforce growth and also accounts for population growth.
Today, one out of every seven Canadian citizens came as an immigrant. It is the highest among G7 nations.
This table will show the immigration plan of Canada in detail:

immigration Class 2023 2024 2025
Economic 2,66,210 2,81,135 3,01,250
Family 1,06,500 114000 1,18,000
Refugee 76,305 76,115 72,750
Humanitarian 15,985 13,750 8000
Total 4,65,000 4,85,000 5,00,000

A rise in Express Entry, PGP, and PNP targets.
Most common entry routes are Express Entry System and Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) which has surged for the next three years. The targets are Principle applicants, common law partners, spouses, and dependents. The numbers also increased for PNP for the years 2023-2025.

The second largest PR route is family class sponsorship under the immigration levels plan.

The Provincial Nominee Program and Federal High Skilled categories will dominate the Economic Class newcomers.

Canada’s Family Class category will grow to 106,500 in 2023, then 114,000 in 2024 and 118,000 by 2025. The majority of family sponsorship newcomers will be spouses, partners and children, growing to 82,000 by 2025. However, there will also be room for a record number of parents and grandparents, at 36,000 by 2025.

Canada will continue to welcome large numbers of refugees, including 76,305 in 2023, 76,115 in 2024 and 72,750 in 2025.

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