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New insight into immigration to Canada!

New insight into immigration to Canada!

9 March 2021 | Category

Canada has been very open about welcoming new immigrants to the country as it brings about a fresh new wave that is beneficial to the economy and the society as a whole. The Immigration Minister of Canada, Marco Mendicino recently shared fresh insights on the immigration system of the country.

MilkyWay Immigration Consultants, the best immigration consultants for migration to Canada sheds light on these topics:

⦁ Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023
⦁ Canadian citizenship
⦁ Municipal Nominee Program

Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023

The Canadian government has decided to speed up welcoming immigrants during and after the pandemic to support its prosperity. Canada aims to welcome over 400,000 immigrants over the coming years which are the highest targets in its history. Since immigrants are vital for job creation in Canada this move will help fill the labour market needs including in essential services.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been making innovative changes during the pandemic. The minister was confident that the pandemic provides an opportunity for Canada to tap from its domestic population of temporary foreign workers and international students. The country has decided to facilitate their transition to permanent residence.

Canadian Citizenship

IRCC has brought in a new pilot program enabling eligible permanent residents to complete their Canadian citizenship application online. Canada now offers online citizenship ceremonies.

Mendicino has a vision for all processes to be virtual and contactless for the immigration system even beyond the pandemic.

Apart from that, in the Minister’s December 2019 mandate letter there were plans to waive Canadian citizenship fees. Mendicino acknowledged he had hoped to make progress on this front by now. The delay in fulfilling this promise may be due to the pandemic. Canada is now all about reducing barriers for newcomers.

Municipal Nominee Program

The next priority in the December 2019 mandate was to launch a Municipal Nominee Program to further help encourage immigrants to settle in Canada’s smaller cities. The MNP will be another federal initiative that will allow newcomers to pursue fulfilling lives in smaller not-so-crowded areas of Canada. IRCC is now in talks with provincial, municipal, business, and other stakeholders on the design of the MNP.

The Immigration Minister was very optimistic that Canada can achieve its current immigration targets. This strongly suggests IRCC has a solid plan in place to achieve the targets. It may happen through a combination of tapping into the existing pool of immigration candidates with Canadian experience & continuing to select immigrants from abroad. The processing of immigrant applications is speeded up so that they can arrive after the pandemic and travel restrictions are gradually being reduced for them to eventually settle in Canada.

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