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Things to consider before migrating to Australia

Things to consider before migrating to Australia

9 January 2017 | Australia

Australia is BIG. Really BIG! Seriously this country is enormous, and you won’t realize it until you get here and decide to go on a road trip.

Australians are some of the most empowered and happy people in the world

Recently, a report published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ranked all of the countries in the world based on their human development. Human development seems like a vague thing to try and measure, but basically, researchers looked at the opportunities presented by each country, and ways that each country supports its citizens.
The primary question was how are citizens valued, and what can they achieve in their country of origin? In this report, Australia came in second overall for the country with the highest potential for human development – only a few percentage points behind Norway. The United States currently sits in the 10th highest spot – tied with our northern neighbor, Canada.

Why Australia is one of the best destinations for migrants?
Australia happens to be one of the most sought-after destinations for migrants. The country promises access to a rapidly growing labor market, robust economy, Excellent healthcare system, Easy access to government benefits and a brilliant education system. Its no-surprise, Australian cities are ranked as the most livable cities in the world after all.
Indians have long been drawn to the Island nation to chance upon the opportunities that are and with an aggressive immigration policy, nearly 2% of the total Australian population are Indian. The State of Victoria receives the most number of Indian year to year.
Being the most educated Communities among the other migrant communities, Indians are seen occupying lofty positions across high revenue sectors such as Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Banking & Finance etc.
The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has set the national minimum wage currently at $18.29 per hour or $694.90 per 38 hour week (before tax). The per annum average salary in Australia as per industry is outline below:

Australia is HOT!!!

While the land down under is well known for its gorgeous summers, don’t underestimate just how hot it gets down here, as even coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne get ridiculously warm. Temperatures sit in the 30s (that’s Celsius, non metric users) for weeks on end each summer, often soaring into the mid-40s, at which point even the breeze feels like it is melting you!

Coffee is king
When Aussies are not enjoying a cold bev, coffee is where they go next. And they take it seriously. Good, strong coffee is a form of religion there, and large chains like Starbucks should certainly go unmentioned. Melbourne has rightfully earned the title of coffee capital due to its plethora of age old and established coffee shops. One particularly notorious cafe is Proud Marie, a Melbourne institution that is both a roaster and a cafe.
All Australians were created equal
This is an egalitarian country and nobody cares how much you earn or which school you went to. Generosity should be accepted but repaid in due course. Aussies split bills fair and square in restaurants, and you should never turn up to a mate’s barbie empty handed.

Sport is God
Australians are absolutely mad about sports; all sports, any sports, regardless of whether they are played in Australia or not. Football, cricket and soccer games regularly draw crowds upwards of 40,000 people, with the biggest events pulling closer to 100,000 attendees.
It is also common for Aussies to stay up extremely late at night watching sporting fixtures taking place on the other side of the world. Not surprisingly, sports men and women are treated as gods down here, regularly taking home honors such as Australian of the Year.

Australia has over 10,000 beaches
Sure, you would expect an island that’s mostly desert in the Southern Hemisphere to contain plenty of beaches, but it’s pretty staggering when you realize that Australia has over 10,000 of them!
There are over 18,000 miles of beachfront in Australia, even more if you count the multiple islands off the mainland. Many traditional trades in Australia are completely reliant on their waterfront – pearling, fishing, marine biology, and oceanfront tourism, just to name a few.
If you move to Australia, chances are you’ll never be far from a beach. Even if you’re not into swimming or water sports, there are plenty of beautiful natural formations along the coastline that are worth a visit, such as the Twelve Apostol’s limestone stacks off the coast of Victoria

Australia is the meat-eating capital of the world

Australians are the largest consumers of meat in the entire world – consuming more kilograms per person per year than any other country on Earth. Australia made the jump to the top in 2015, taking the number one spot away from the United States, which had held the honor since 1982.
Australia has always been far above the global average, along with countries like Brazil, the United States, and Hong Kong who also consume much more meat than the global average. For many years, beef has been the most popular meat in Australia, but that was recently surpassed by chicken. On average, Australians consume almost 90 pounds of chicken per person per year.

The Migration Process Will Take at Least 6 Months

If you are thinking of moving to Australia, you have to allow enough time for your visa to be processed — usually about 6-8 months. Avoid disappointment and make sure you get started well ahead of your move date.

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