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Canada immigration lawyer in Saudi Arabia

Canada immigration lawyer in Saudi Arabia

24 May 2022 | Canada, Immigration


Milkyway Immigration Consultant hosts a seminar-workshop and one-to-one meeting with the Canada Immigration ICCRC lawyer Mr.Asif Khan.

An immigration lawyer will have additional knowledge and experience to assist clients and help you address any issues that may arise. They can also prevent problems from developing as they know more about the immigration process.

Hiring an Immigration lawyer is more beneficial than a consultant because they would be more expert and have more legal knowledge to guide you throughout the process. Hiring a professional in one way will take out all your stress. They can prevent missing documents and mistakes and make the immigration process easy, saving time and money.
Do you know that over 523235 people of Arabs live in Canada.? Canada is one of the best countries globally when it comes to safety, quality education, equal employment opportunities, and tolerance for different cultures and religions. if you are from Saudi Arabia and you want to move to Canada, then these 5 steps will help you

Check that you are eligible to apply

You can apply for permanent residency in Canada through several immigration programs. Each program has its criteria. So check if you meet the requirements before applying. Some of the top programs are

  • Express entry
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Family sponsorship program

However, to apply for a business or investment visa, you need to disclose the fitting amount to invest in Canada. This amount should be as per the different Business Visa program requirements.

Get your ECA report

The Educational Credential Assessment is a compulsory requirement for applicants who have completed their education in a country other than Canada. This ECA report is used to assess if your education meets Canadian standards.

Complete the IELTS test

The International English Language testing system is a requirement for most immigration programs.

Gather supporting documents.

If you are applying through the express entry, you need to create your express entry profile

Submit your application for your permanent residency

Choose the immigration program that suits you and apply. And here is a chance for you all,

The seminar will provide valuable information about the Canadian immigration visa process, the latest immigration policies, and new trends. We will provide you with information on how to immigrate to study, work and visit Canada. Book your slot now.


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