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Medical examination requirements for Canada immigration

Medical examination requirements for Canada immigration

21 June 2022 | Category

Canada permits fit and young professionals who are able to contribute to the growth and development of Canada to obtain the PR visa. It could be an international student seeking higher education or an internationally trained worker; all immigrants are required to go through medical examinations.
Your admission to Canada is contingent on your excellent medical condition as per common law. To help you address any questions you have about health exams contact MilkyWay. Here is an easy overview that any hopeful permanent resident should be aware of. Take a look.
Medical Test Requirements for Canada Immigration
All permanent residents are required to take medical examinations, including those who accompany spouses, partners, and dependent kids. A medical examination is required for any visa applicant even if he plans to reside temporarily.

Age Tests required
the primary applicant and spouse physical examination, eye test, urine test, blood pressure, blood test, and chest x-ray
0-4 year kids physical examination
5-10 year physical examination and urine test
11-14 year physical examination, urine test, and chest x-ray for TB
=or above 15 yrs they have the same test as you.

if you have a tattoo, then you must perform an additional test for HIV

You may take an immigration medical exam in your country of origin or any other country you choose. The primary requirement to pass the test is that the person conducting the physical exam has to be an official panel doctor.
The doctor named in the list of doctors approved by IRCC will only conduct the immigration medical exam.
And Only doctors with this certification can conduct an examination and issue a Health Certificate.

People who suffer from illnesses or any medical conditions such as psychiatric disorders, or ailments that require hospitalization and continuous medical treatment are typically classified as inadmissible to Canada following a medical exam.
A foreign national is not admissible on health grounds if their condition
is likely to be a danger to public health, i.e. communicable disease like TB
is likely to be a danger to public safety generally related to mental health, or
might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social service. like existing conditions like kidney failure, which requires weekly dialysis

When you see the physician, you must take the following copies with you.
proper identification such as a passport or identity card, at least one govt-issued document with a photograph and signature on it.
eyeglasses and contact lenses if you wear them
medical reports of previous and existing health conditions.
4 recent photographs if not registered via e medical

The important point is that you must land in Canada within 1 year of your medical report. The medical report will be in an e-medical sheet, and the result directly goes to IRCC.
IRCC tells us if we have passed or not.

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