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How to tell if an Immigration Consultant is genuine or not?

How to tell if an Immigration Consultant is genuine or not?

23 March 2022 | Category

Many immigration scams are taking place nowadays which deceive aspiring candidates making them lose valuable time and money. These fraud agencies have become increasingly creative and bold in their tactics and they have gone as far as to copy websites and social media platforms of reputed consultants. Differentiating between original and fake immigration consultants has become increasingly difficult. Before beginning to migrate to any country beware of these fraudsters! Here are some tips on how to tell if an Immigration Consultant is genuine or not from MilkyWay Immigration Consultants, Saudi Arabia.

ICCRC or MARA registration
One of the most effective ways to find out whether a Canadian immigration consultant is genuine or not is to check whether they have registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). For Australian immigration, the consultant should be Registered & Certified by MARA. You may enter the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants’ (RCICs)’s name, registration number, or the company name into the ICCRC website or the MARA website and find out whether they have an immigration professional page on it.

No genuine company emails
Check if your immigration consultant is sending you emails from a mail id of a common email domain, like xyz@gmail.com or xyz@yahoo.com instead of something like xyz@consultantname.com. Then you need to be suspicious about the authenticity of the company.

Payment requests via a chat app
A reputed genuine agency request for payment will be done through an official email id only and never through a chat app like WhatsApp. You will also receive an acknowledgment and proof of your payment from a genuine agency.

Fake website
Not-so-genuine immigration consultants would most probably have a fake website. The domain name of the website will be totally different from the actual company name. Other than that, the domain would not be secure and will not have a padlock icon in the URL bar.

The contact information or information about the credentials of the company or the representative will be missing from the website. Furthermore, the website would not be regularly updated. At times, the website would also be a duplicate copy of some other website. So, take a closer look at the website before you contact the immigration consultancy.

Too good to be true deals
If the consultant is offering you false deals like guaranteed entry to a country along with a high-paying job and faster processing, be alert. Only the immigration officials can take the decision on allowing entry for a foreigner to any country. Hence you need to be cautious before falling for these false promises.

Depending on a fake immigration consultant to immigrate to a foreign country will cost you high! It can cost you money, peace of mind, your career, and even your future prospects of migrating to another country! Do proper research on the immigration consultant before choosing them. Being a registered immigration consultancy service provider to Canada & Australia, MilkyWay Immigration Consultants can smoothen your journey in migration. We are reputed for helping our clients to fulfill their immigration and overseas migration dreams. To know more about our services and your options for immigration, connect with us now!



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    I want to apply for Immigrant Visa to Canada along with my wife & a son who is 12 years old only.
    How can I apply? What are the requirements & a possible financial necessities? Thank you.

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    Canada work permit PR with job for TOOL AND DIE MAKING

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    How much does it cost for getting me LMIA sponsored job in Canada as a foreign graduate?

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