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How to increase CRS Score – Canada Immigration Express Entry

How to increase CRS Score – Canada Immigration Express Entry

6 August 2021 | Category


Canada has in place one of the most advanced immigration systems in the world in Express Entry. It was launched by the Canadian Government with a goal to better position the skills of immigrants with the needs of the labor market in Canada. All candidates are placed in a pool, with each application carrying a score using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Every two weeks or so, the federal government identifies the highest-ranked candidates and issues Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence under the three programs:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Skilled Worker Class
  • Skilled Trades Class

PNP Express Entry Categories like Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, etc. are special categories under each Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Provincial nomination can greatly elevate an applicants’ CRS score.

In this new system, candidates can improve their score while in the Express Entry pool, without submitting a new application. Candidates from outside Canada with a weak profile can submit an application and begin working to improve their qualifications. MilkyWay Immigration Consultants, the best migration consultants in Saudi Arabia, brings to you some tips.


How to increase the CRS Score for Canada Immigration Express Entry?


 Boost your education

International students completing recognized degrees and diplomas in Canada are awarded extra points as follows:


Level attained Points awarded
High school 0
One or two-year post-secondary 15
Three-year post-secondary, master’s, professional degree, or doctorate 30



The candidate can score Canadian education points if he/she:

  • Studied in Canada at a Canadian educational institution.
  • Been enrolled in full-time study or training for at least eight months.
  • Been physically present in Canada for at least eight months.


Advancing your education while in the pool

All qualifications of the candidate from outside Canada must first be assessed through an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). Get all your qualifications assessed, even post-secondary qualifications. Proving a broader level of education is always better. 170 points may be given to a bachelor’s degree and also in the ECA, one qualification might get more points than the other.


Qualifications for Canadian Experience Class candidates

For the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) applicants a post-secondary qualification is not necessary to access the Express Entry pool. But a CEC candidate`s score is also boosted by a post-secondary qualification.


Improve your language skills

Better language skills in English and/or French can result in a better score for a candidate. Reaching Canadian Benchmark Level 9 or above can mean an additional 100 points on top of the 260 available in combination with other factors. People bilingual in English and French can maximize the points available by getting both languages assessed.


Get a provincial nomination

A provincial nomination will be ideal to get a jump to the top of the pool for a candidate. Organized candidates who can identify a hiring sponsor employer will succeed in this case. Different provinces have diverse priority occupations, and these can change all the time. Often, they will open and close their categories within a few days – or even hours.

Stay updated as to when those categories open and it can make a difference of 600 points and an ITA.


Increase your work experience

Three years of non-Canadian experience points are overall worth 100 points & more experience combined with a better language score can boost your points.

Additional points are awarded to candidates for up to five years of Canada work experience. Even a provincial nomination worth 600 points can be expected for extra experience.


A sibling residing in Canada

If you happen to have a brother/sister residing in Canada, you can gain more CRS points. Candidates with siblings in Canada can get 15 points in Express Entry. They will need to prove that the sibling is 18 years or above & a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Canada.


Get a job offer

Securing a job offer means an increase of up to 200 points & the chances of receiving an ITA are increased. Conduct a comprehensive job search that is linked to visiting Canada even from overseas.

These are only some of the tips to increase your CRS score. Get in touch with us at MilkyWay Immigration Consultants to know more about Immigration to Canada from Saudi Arabia.




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