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Post Landing services from MilkyWay for Canada & Australia

Post Landing services from MilkyWay for Canada & Australia

16 May 2021 | Category

Immigration to a foreign country like Canada or Australia is a major step in your life! It involves a major transition from the security of your homeland to the uncertainties and excitement of a new life in a new country! Resettling in a new country like Australia or Canada necessitates a lot of preparation. The immigration procedure itself is only 30% of the entire transition process.  MilkyWay Immigration Consultants is with you every step on the way to take care of the rest 70% through our all-inclusive and customized settlement and placement services. We help you to settle in the country of your choice by providing complete assistance in the settlement after you land in your destination.

Once you land in a strange country, you can feel that things can quickly spiral out of your control! At times like this, you’ll need experienced people to guide you. This is exactly where we at Milkyway Consultants step in! Our post-landing services are designed to provide you with that helping hand and peace of mind you so need when you first land in a strange country. Our services include Pre-travel Consultation and Guidance, Airport Pick Up, arrangements for accommodation on arrival, depending on the size and requirement of families, individuals, or Students, guidance to open a bank account and credit card application, and public transportation guidance.

Pre-travel Consultation and Guidance

As a leading Canada & Australia Immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia, MilkyWay Consultants provides assistance in securing family visas, dependent visas, student visas, business visas, etc. Our skilled professional and expert immigration counselors are well aware of all the changes in the immigration and visa laws, prevailing at the time of your application. Based on this, we provide dedicated and timely service to our customers.

Following a channelized process, we provide accurate guidance to our customers not just in securing visas but in making travel arrangements from their country of residence to the destination country.

It is essential to select the right airline, book well in advance and identify the most cost-effective route. We at MilkyWay assist with flight bookings well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes, and best discounts too. Our consultants help you to get excess baggage schemes in your preferred airlines.

Airport Pick Up

MilkyWay Immigration consultants in collaboration with our agents across Canada & Australia assist new immigrants upon their arrival in their new destination. We can pre-arrange for our airport pick-up service before going to your destination country. Our representatives will greet you at the meeting point and take you to your accommodation. There will be a listed airport pickup schedule, so there may be a wait for your departure.

Food and Accommodation at Hotel

It takes some time to get accustomed to a new country! Prime immigration consultants, MilkyWay provides assistance in arranging for accommodation for the initial weeks after travel. Our counselors would guide you with different types of accommodation which fit your needs and budget. We provide a range of accommodation keeping in mind the distance and facilities required. In Canada, we arrange for accommodation at Hotel Chandni, Victoria Airport Road, Mississauga Ontario.

Guidance to open Bank Account and Credit Card Application

Leveraging on our association with reputed foreign banks, MilkyWay Consultants helps you to avail prompt services in opening bank accounts and credit card applications in your destination country. We help you to get competitive money exchange rates & also assist you with wire transfers, currency notes, international debit cards, and demand drafts.

Public Transportation Guidance

After landing in your destination country, you will need to depend on public transport to move about. As the best Canada & Australia Immigration consultant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, MilkyWay provides assistance with getting transit permits to avail public transportation services. You can travel to your workplace, college or university, shopping malls, places of worship, or to any other public places with these permits.

Get in touch with us at MilkyWay Immigration Consultants for a smooth easy and successful landing experience in your immigration to Canada or Australia from Saudi Arabia. Contact today!





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