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Migrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia through MilkyWay !

Migrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia through MilkyWay !

7 September 2020 | Canada

Are you a Saudi resident and thinking of migrating to Canada? Either you can think of studying in Canada or getting a job in Canada. Then you should know how to apply for jobs in Canada from Saudi Arabia. The Canadian Job Bank is one of the major job agencies in Canada where you can apply with your skill level and work experience.

Proof of funds
One of the essential documents for those who want to study, work or immigrate to Canada is proof of their financial status or proof of funds. This is to prove that they have enough funds to support themselves for their preliminary period in the Canada while they settle in the country.

If you are applying through the Canadian Experience Class program or Express Entry you might not need to present proof of funds. This applies if you have a valid job offer too.

How to show proof of funds for Canada immigration?
As a student, one may use the financial support of a third party like a family member or even a school or institution. But it is necessary to produce a financial support letter and statements to prove that they are financially able to support you and are willing to do so.

To fund your Canada P.R immigration process the whole money should be under your own name. You should put your money in a bank account and get official letter from your bank or financial institution, on a letterhead listing your address, outstanding debts, account balance and some more details. You can check with our immigration consultant to clear the details.

Police Clearance
Saudi Government Police Clearance Certificate is required for all applicants over 16 years of age for migration to Canada. After your application for Permanent Residence in Canada has been received, a police certificate request letter will be sent to you by mail. You must present this letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with valid identification and proof of legal residency in Saudi Arabia. If they approve you, the letter will direct you to the police headquarters where you must go and apply in person. The Saudi police clearance certificate validity is for 1 year.

How to apply for Canadian Visa from Saudi Arabia?

1. Choose the right type of visa category
2. Download the visa application form, fill it & print. Submit the completed form at the Visa Application center. You can also submit online directly to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
3. Book an appointment to give your biometric information (fingerprints and photo) at the center.
4. Pay your visa application fee at the center.
5. Track the progress of your application through email updates or SMS updates sent by the center.
6. After the visa has been approved, you can collect the visa in person or have it sent by courier for an additional fee.

Ensure you are on the right track with documents. Experienced Canada immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia like MilkyWay can guide you in this.


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